2007-11-14 The new version of this web site was released. Earlier version was static HTML. This version is dynamic ASP.NET. There are new pages on this web site.

2007-11-19 I realised that the web site does not contain valid XHTML 1.1 pages. I fixed most of the problems, but there are still two problems. I do not understand why ASP.NET 2.0 behaves like an old ASP.NET 1.1 and it does not read xhtmlConformance setting.

2007-11-21 I fixed XHTML 1.1 problems on few pages. There still is a weird problem. When I look the source document returned by IIS, I see it's valid XHTML 1.1. But, when I check the validity of the web pages, W3C Validator receives different XHTML 1.1.

2007-11-30 W3C Validator problem solved. I use Internet Explorer 6.0. I have not tested this web site with other browsers. Last week I saw that there are browsers, which show content differently. Content appears on the left side, as it should, but it is located below the menu leaving a lot of empty space on the page. I need to fix the style sheet.

This site will look much better in a browser that supports web standards, but it is still accessible to any browser or Internet device.