I got interested in programming around 1982, I think. First in Basic language. I learned Z-80 assembly language in around 1986. In 1989 I went to a programming course where I learned Pascal and C. I got a job in 1990.

At work I learned SQLWindows 4GL tool. When this tool got object oriented features, I wrote a class library, which our company used in their projects. Actually, I wrote two class libraries. First one is still used in one large system. Second one I wrote at home and sold it to my employer. It's much better than the first one.

I know Windows API quite well. I know for example Windows Services and I/O Completion Ports. There are areas that I do not know much, because I have not needed them.

C++ and C# are my favourite programming languages. I use Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.

I have written my own class library in C++. I use it in my programs. The final version of the library is still unfinished after many years. I have not developed it for few years. Later I may add few samples to show you how easy it is to write a service or a high performance echo server. Currently it is not for sale, but later it might be.

I have also written my own class library in C#. Some time ago I dropped my old version and developed a new one, because .NET 2.0 have some of the features of old version built-in. Currently it is not for sale, but later it might be.

Now I use CodeSmith in C# development. It makes generating data access logic components, business entity components and other components (classes) much easier. Of course, I have written my own templates. Currently it is not for sale, but later it might be.

Many systems need some kind of data storage. Relational databases are very good in this. I have used Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle quite a lot. I know Transact-SQL better than PL/SQL. Earlier I have also used SQLBase.

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